Contributing to MapFish

Submitting bugs, code, and documentation

  • Create a ticket: if you have found a bug or a feature you'd like added to MapFish, please file a ticket in the Trac.
  • Upload a patch: if you have a patch that fixes the bug or implements the feature :
    1. attach the patch to the ticket,
    2. mark the ticket for review,
    3. email the list to state that you'd like to have the patch reviewed.
  • Wait for review: a project committer will review your patch and commit it.

Note : all code, examples, etc. from the SVN repository are made available under the BSD license.

Acquiring commit privileges

  • Anyone can request commit access to the MapFish SVN repository. Requests should be directed to the PSC. Generally, the PSC prefers to give commit access to developers who have demonstrated expertise and commitment to the project.