Project Steering Committee

The PSC basically votes on proposals regarding the project. Proposals can be submitted by anyone, they are submitted and voted on the dev@… mailing list.

The PSC process is described in Community/PSC/Process.

PSC members:

  • David Oesch, Swisstopo, david DOT oesch lt DOT admin DOT ch
  • Till Adams, Terrestris, adams terrestris DOT de
  • Julien-Samuel Lacroix, Mapgears, jlacroix mapgears DOT com
  • Bruno Binet, Camptocamp, bruno DOT binet camptocamp DOT com
  • Cédric Moullet, Swisstopo, cedric DOT moullet swisstopo DOT ch
  • Éric Lemoine (chair), Camptocamp, eric DOT lemoine camptocamp DOT com

Past members :

  • Yves Moisan, Borealis, yves DOT moisan boreal-is DOT com

Past meetings